Maurice’s Invention

This is a piece that, more than likely, will need to be created.  What did you do for Maurice’s Invention?

2 thoughts on “Maurice’s Invention

  1. Maurice’s contraption, as we called it….was a complete show stopper. Our Belle’s characters real dad made the invention…..out of a small engine on four wheels, that was loud and obnoxious and hysterical. He also made it able to chop a piece of wood in the was motorized….painted green, yellow, blue, white, red and black…..very, very funny!

  2. An old 12 volt fishing boat trolling motor, a battery, and a belt-driven system of several wooden eccentric cams did the trick spectacularly. The battery also ran several ‘uplights’ on the upper surface of the assembly that made several large glass flasks glow and bubble (aquarium pumps in the colored water and a little soap for froth). some curled copper tubing running from bottle to bottle on top and a quick whiff of dry-ice fog up a “chimney” and the whole effect was spectacular. We even got a local television News ‘feature’ on the creation that added one more excuse for publicity.

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